Sheer Baking Stupidity

So this mistake is brought  to you by my sheer lack of knowledge about cast iron. Clearly I have never owned anything cast iron, let alone baked or cooked in it. I needed a muffin tin the other day to bake cupcakes (which turned out terrible btw) and then I decided it was time to wash the pan. NO MOLLY.....

SO I washed it with soap and alas it didn't get the gunk off. SO I proceeded to let the pan soak with dish washing detergent....AGAIN...NO MOLLY!

So I left the house, came back to find my pan splotched with soap stains and rusted beyond repair. 

cast iron muuffin pan.jpg

So then...I googled solutions that didn't work...then I called the one woman who knows everything- my grandma, Mema. She told me to rub it with vegetable oil. So I proceeded to rub oil all over the pan with great force and aggression because I was so ashamed of my mistake. BTW this was not my pan...borrowed from my cousin. 

THEN....a miracle. 


The pan was miraculously restored to it's original state. Gotta love grandmas. This is one of the many mistakes that I will only make once. Hopefully you will never have to make it and I have heroically saved you from your future mistakes with cast iron bake-ware.