Week In Review | November 2-3, 2017 | Joethan and Kendall's Fairy tale Alabama Wedding

So I'm slowly trying to get to these major life happenings that happened in 2017, and I am almost caught up. One that cannot be missed was Joethan and Kendall (now Phillips!!) wedding in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Kendall and I have been friends and roommates for 8 years, since freshman year at Southeastern when we were randomly paired as suite mates and became instant friends as we bonded over our shared birthday. It must be something about being Libras or sharing a month, day, and year that made us feel like we knew each other from the start! When Kendall asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding I felt so honored and jumped at the chance to be there.

Avery Forrest Photography

Avery Forrest Photography

From the beginning to end this felt like a true sisterhood weekend. Some old, some new friends to me, but Kendall really chose such an amazing group to surround her on their special day, and I enjoyed being with them! 


One of Kendall's bridesmaids and her mom threw the most beautiful bridesmaids dinner the first night we all came into town. It was fun to dress up and catch up before the wedding fun began. 


Friday was the rehearsal and the dinner followed. Everyone who played a part in setting up the entire weekend and the wedding space and Kendall's house did a phenomenal job. I can't say enough at how flawless everything was. 


One of the bridesmaids, Beth did my hair- and such an amazing job! I felt like we all looked like a bridal magazine when we were all done up together!

Avery Forrest Photography

Avery Forrest Photography

Kendall was just stunning. I mean she just looked like a million bucks and she looked like she was having the time of her life. It was such a privilege to be there. 


Thank you to Kendall, Joethan and everyone who made that weekend possible. I was so grateful to be a part and wish the happy couple all of the happiness in the world.