Week In Review | September 11-17, 2017 | Margarita Madness

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your week, and if you were affected by Irma, I hope you have had your power restored and are on the return to normal life. 

We had a beautiful week weather wise in the tri-state area, and this week is shaping up to be the same. Not sweater weather yet, but we are getting closer with each passing day. You will see a theme of this week is again...eating. I have realized I'm a bit food obsessed, but you know what, I am also exercise obsessed, so it balances out! What you don't see is photos of me at the gym because who wants to see that? Gross. Food is much more visually appealing! Follow me on instagram stories to see workout chats to balance out all of this food talk. 


I started off the week with one of my favorite dinners- Thanksgiving! Who says you can only have turkey in November? I remember growing up that my mom would make traditional Thanksgiving dinner year round and I still enjoy it as an adult. We are not as elaborate of course as the holiday meal, but it still tastes just as good. 

On Wednesday I went to a work happy hour event at Ocean Prime, and had this delicious margarita that was grapefruit flavored. The margarita has become my go-to drink, and I liked this spin on the drink. 


On Thursday the weather held up until the evening, so my cousin Rachel and I snuck in a quick appetizer and another margarita, bringing my weekly count to 2. We went to Haven's rooftop deck and ate outside. I also received the most lovely and thoughtful gift from my Aunt Donna who makes these beautiful wrap leather bracelets. This one was extra special because it had the "pi" symbol but it symbolized the other kind of "pie" to commemorate my town win of the peach pie contest. Sadly I was unable to compete in the State competition due to scheduling on my end, but I'm looking forward to trying again next year. 


Now onto the weekend part of the eating tour! I went to a young adult shabbat dinner Friday night in Jersey City which was Nashville themed complete with beef ribs, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie. To end the week I spent some time with my good friend Anto at "our spot" which is in Montclair, NJ and called The Corner. Do yourself a favor a click on the link to look at the menu. It's an incredibly simple place but so so good, and it's the only place we go to eat when we hang out monthly. She works a really demanding job, so I am thankful to get to spend quality time when we can. Funny story- we met in spin class 2 years ago! See- I do workout! 


Last but not least...my third margarita of the week, but this time...frozen! Barbara and Rachel's mom Judy and I ate Mexican food in Montclair at Tinga Saturday night. I spent the weekend doing some housekeeping things like getting an oil change and cleaning my apartment, so I deserved every chip and sip. Sorry for the poor rotation, but if you tilt your head you can clearly see that I finally received my NY notary public license! I worked really hard to get it, and am thankful to be done with the process. 

Thank you all for coming along, and slowly this blog is turning into my food diary, but hey- I'm just going with it! 

Have a great week, and I will check in again next week. 

xoxo Molly