Week in Review | October 20-24, 2017 | Celebrating 27 in Rhode Island

I was really looking forward to my 27th birthday because I had made plans to visit some of our long-lost family members whom we connected with a few years ago via ancestry.com, Bob and Emily. We really hit the genetic jack pot with these cousins because they are the kindest and most fun to be with. 


I took the train from Newark to Rhode Island on Friday morning and we kept things simple with a nice dinner at a lovely Italian Restaurant in town. The theme of this weekend was food and family, and boy did we indulge. We kept referencing the diet that would need to start the minute I left in a few days! I had the best meal of my life (not pictured), which was then continually topped each day by the next meal. Rhode Island knows how to do food right. The next day we hit the ground running with a trip to the commissary and the Naval Exchange which brought back so many memories of going with my family when I was young. This was a highlight of the weekend for the 3 of us. In fact, we even went back for a second visit. Our first stop was for Lobster rolls which were served waterside with the most amazing view (below on left).


Another favorite stop which we re-visited was the Castle Hill Inn. It is a fully operational Inn and restaurant, and they have a patio where you can order drinks from the bar and sit on the lawn in white Adirondack chairs. We couldn't have bought a more gorgeous weekend and loved sitting there enjoying our drinks (below right). 


On the left above is a photo from outside of the Breakers. We took a self-guided walking tour that was really interesting and informational. I had no idea that people lived that way just for the summer. This was the Vanderbilt's summer home. 


We ended the day with dinner at Newport's Scales and Shells, and had another amazing meal. The restaurant features a chalk board menu on the wall that they cross items off as they become unavailable because everything is so fresh and limited. You can even go up to the kitchen counter and choose your fish if you want! 


Yet another highlight of the trip was connecting with some more family members that we never knew existed but Bob and Emily knew and we able to make the introduction. It felt like we knew eachother forever! 


I became a two cup coffee girl on this trip, as we were staying on Bob and Emily's boat and we would enjoy a few cups each morning and watch the fish out the back window. I can't explain how relaxing this whole weekend was. I truly got to enjoy their company and had the best time. The photo on the right was taken inside Fort Adams. We took a architectural tour of the fort that was oddly never used in battle. The Navy stopped using forts almost as soon as it was built, so now the property is used for education and community events. 


Our last supper (before the life-long diet started) was at Matunuck Oyster Bar and wow what an amazing meal. The freshness of their food was incredible and the menu was really enticing. We each ordered our own dessert to cap off the birthday celebration. 


I want to thank Bob and Emily for hosting me and for treating me like one of their own. They truly are the best family we could have hoped to add to our group, and I can't wait to see them again soon! We will be on the green bean diet until our next visit.