My "Corner of the Sky"

So this title made no sense if you are not a Broadway music fan, but alas. 

This month was extremely exciting for me. I have not posted in a while because I was busy sealing the deal on my very first apartment! I decided that in this stage of my life, and with my busy work schedule, it was important for me to live alone, to have my own quiet time at the end of the day. 

Please note that my photos are only a week old, and I haven't even slept at my new place yet, so some things you will see are temporary until I can replace, clean, or move them around. I will post again once everything is put away and decorated!

I've taken the liberty of drafting a Q & A section for your reading pleasure:


Q. Where is your apartment?

A. It is in Belleville, NJ which is 1 block from Nutley, and 3 minutes from my family's home where I am staying currently. I decided to continue commuting daily to work from NJ because in NJ you get a bigger bang for your buck. 

Q. Can you afford to live on your own? You are only 23 and have your very first job...

A. Why thank you for being so concerned, and yes, living alone is expensive, and having a roommate could alleviate some of the financial pressure of grown-up bills. I thought long and hard and crunched the numbers until they bled. I decided that although it would be easier on my wallet to have a roommate, that for now at least, I can handle the expense.

Q. What does your rent include?

A. My rent includes water only. I pay all utilities including heat/gas, and electricity. 

Q. Is your apartment in a building or what? What is the neighborhood like?

A. My apartment is a 2 bedroom and located on the 2nd floor of a two-family home (with it's own entrance). Multi-family homes in the Northeast are actually really popular. The family who owns the home lives below me, and they are a cute Italian couple straight from Italy! Can you say homemade pasta?! The house is on a quiet suburban street, and very close to shopping, schools, and parks.