Prada Marfa

Not a surprise to anyone, but I was a huge Gossip Girl fan. Not only was I intrigued by the characters and their fabulous New York City lifestyles, but for the art and NYC scenery showcased in the show.

One of my favorite pieces of art in the fictitious home of Lilly Bass is the Prada Marfa canvas that hangs by their elevator entrance into their penthouse. 

Now that I have my own apartment, I wanted to hang one in my living room (of course). While doing research, I found that an exact size and shape replica of the piece costs about $300.00 before tax and shipping. OUCH. I decided that I could make one for less. 

I started by purchasing the stencils- made by someone else- off of

Then I took a trip to Michael's craft store and stocked up on supplies including:

1- 30 x 40 canvas (If you want to do the original size from GG, it would be 36 x 48) 

1- Bottle of black canvas paint

1- Bottle of white canvas paint (not pictured)

Paint brushes of varying sizes


I then laid out the stencils on the canvas while it was still wrapped just to make sure that I liked the way they fit. 

I then started to trace the letters with a pencil.

And then painted my little heart out. FYI- if your lines are not super straight, you can use the white paint to fix them later ;) 

This was before I fixed my wonky "Marfa" letters and before I painted the numbers and arrow. I waited a few days to paint the numbers and arrow because I didn't want my elbows to rub them if I decided to go back to "Marfa" and fix it more. 


Happy crafting. 

xx Molly