Week In Review | November 2-3, 2017 | Joethan and Kendall's Fairy tale Alabama Wedding

So I'm slowly trying to get to these major life happenings that happened in 2017, and I am almost caught up. One that cannot be missed was Joethan and Kendall (now Phillips!!) wedding in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Kendall and I have been friends and roommates for 8 years, since freshman year at Southeastern when we were randomly paired as suite mates and became instant friends as we bonded over our shared birthday. It must be something about being Libras or sharing a month, day, and year that made us feel like we knew each other from the start! When Kendall asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding I felt so honored and jumped at the chance to be there.

Avery Forrest Photography

Avery Forrest Photography

From the beginning to end this felt like a true sisterhood weekend. Some old, some new friends to me, but Kendall really chose such an amazing group to surround her on their special day, and I enjoyed being with them! 


One of Kendall's bridesmaids and her mom threw the most beautiful bridesmaids dinner the first night we all came into town. It was fun to dress up and catch up before the wedding fun began. 


Friday was the rehearsal and the dinner followed. Everyone who played a part in setting up the entire weekend and the wedding space and Kendall's house did a phenomenal job. I can't say enough at how flawless everything was. 


One of the bridesmaids, Beth did my hair- and such an amazing job! I felt like we all looked like a bridal magazine when we were all done up together!

Avery Forrest Photography

Avery Forrest Photography

Kendall was just stunning. I mean she just looked like a million bucks and she looked like she was having the time of her life. It was such a privilege to be there. 


Thank you to Kendall, Joethan and everyone who made that weekend possible. I was so grateful to be a part and wish the happy couple all of the happiness in the world. 

Week in Review | October 20-24, 2017 | Celebrating 27 in Rhode Island

I was really looking forward to my 27th birthday because I had made plans to visit some of our long-lost family members whom we connected with a few years ago via ancestry.com, Bob and Emily. We really hit the genetic jack pot with these cousins because they are the kindest and most fun to be with. 


I took the train from Newark to Rhode Island on Friday morning and we kept things simple with a nice dinner at a lovely Italian Restaurant in town. The theme of this weekend was food and family, and boy did we indulge. We kept referencing the diet that would need to start the minute I left in a few days! I had the best meal of my life (not pictured), which was then continually topped each day by the next meal. Rhode Island knows how to do food right. The next day we hit the ground running with a trip to the commissary and the Naval Exchange which brought back so many memories of going with my family when I was young. This was a highlight of the weekend for the 3 of us. In fact, we even went back for a second visit. Our first stop was for Lobster rolls which were served waterside with the most amazing view (below on left).


Another favorite stop which we re-visited was the Castle Hill Inn. It is a fully operational Inn and restaurant, and they have a patio where you can order drinks from the bar and sit on the lawn in white Adirondack chairs. We couldn't have bought a more gorgeous weekend and loved sitting there enjoying our drinks (below right). 


On the left above is a photo from outside of the Breakers. We took a self-guided walking tour that was really interesting and informational. I had no idea that people lived that way just for the summer. This was the Vanderbilt's summer home. 


We ended the day with dinner at Newport's Scales and Shells, and had another amazing meal. The restaurant features a chalk board menu on the wall that they cross items off as they become unavailable because everything is so fresh and limited. You can even go up to the kitchen counter and choose your fish if you want! 


Yet another highlight of the trip was connecting with some more family members that we never knew existed but Bob and Emily knew and we able to make the introduction. It felt like we knew eachother forever! 


I became a two cup coffee girl on this trip, as we were staying on Bob and Emily's boat and we would enjoy a few cups each morning and watch the fish out the back window. I can't explain how relaxing this whole weekend was. I truly got to enjoy their company and had the best time. The photo on the right was taken inside Fort Adams. We took a architectural tour of the fort that was oddly never used in battle. The Navy stopped using forts almost as soon as it was built, so now the property is used for education and community events. 


Our last supper (before the life-long diet started) was at Matunuck Oyster Bar and wow what an amazing meal. The freshness of their food was incredible and the menu was really enticing. We each ordered our own dessert to cap off the birthday celebration. 


I want to thank Bob and Emily for hosting me and for treating me like one of their own. They truly are the best family we could have hoped to add to our group, and I can't wait to see them again soon! We will be on the green bean diet until our next visit. 

Week In Review | September 25-October 1, 2017 | Bridal Shower Fun

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and an even better start to the week. This week was jam packed with events and eating like most other weeks, but there were a few exciting curve balls thrown in for good measure. I've included a roundup of some photos I snapped during the week to give you a good idea of what went down. 


I had to take a photo of my friend and my lattes that we like to get from this $2.00 coffee shop near our office. Everything in the entire store is $2.00 from specialty coffee drinks to pastries and salads. If you are in midtown, message me for the address- it will not disappoint! 

Pictured next to the coffee is my dinner from a local restaurant called Mish Mish that serves Mediterranean/Israeli inspired dishes. This dinner was too good to be true and I can't wait to go back to try more items on the menu. 


My cousin Barbara participated in the town-wide garage sale which was coupled with beautiful weather and quite a good profit turned. I've become somewhat of a right hand woman for her sales and I enjoy it most of the time when it turns out well! HA! 

On Monday I was fortunate to attend an event put on by a dear friend of mine Lynette Lewis. She hosts a quarterly event called "Love Your Life" in New York City geared towards women of faith and business. It was a great event and pictured was my plate of food of course. They put on an impressive spread!


My cousin Rachel invited me along with her high school friend to an off-broadway rendition of "A Clockwork Orange". She was sure it was not my speed, but I actually liked it. It was very strange for sure, but I liked the music and the "fighting" scenes, which were more like dancing but really poetic fighting. 

Another plate of food, but my go-to brunch meal, avocado toast with poached eggs. Rachel and I had a lot to celebrate and decided to go to The Elysian Cafe in Hoboken. 


To finish of the week, I was asked by a good friend of mine to make cupcakes for a bridal shower I was attending, and that she was throwing for her sister- who also happens to be my good friend! I jumped at the chance and made mini vanilla buttercream cupcakes. It was a gorgeous shower and an even more beautiful day celebrating the bride and groom. 

I hope you all are well, and I look forward to sharing with you again next week.

xxx Molly

Week In Review | September 11-17, 2017 | Margarita Madness

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your week, and if you were affected by Irma, I hope you have had your power restored and are on the return to normal life. 

We had a beautiful week weather wise in the tri-state area, and this week is shaping up to be the same. Not sweater weather yet, but we are getting closer with each passing day. You will see a theme of this week is again...eating. I have realized I'm a bit food obsessed, but you know what, I am also exercise obsessed, so it balances out! What you don't see is photos of me at the gym because who wants to see that? Gross. Food is much more visually appealing! Follow me on instagram stories to see workout chats to balance out all of this food talk. 


I started off the week with one of my favorite dinners- Thanksgiving! Who says you can only have turkey in November? I remember growing up that my mom would make traditional Thanksgiving dinner year round and I still enjoy it as an adult. We are not as elaborate of course as the holiday meal, but it still tastes just as good. 

On Wednesday I went to a work happy hour event at Ocean Prime, and had this delicious margarita that was grapefruit flavored. The margarita has become my go-to drink, and I liked this spin on the drink. 


On Thursday the weather held up until the evening, so my cousin Rachel and I snuck in a quick appetizer and another margarita, bringing my weekly count to 2. We went to Haven's rooftop deck and ate outside. I also received the most lovely and thoughtful gift from my Aunt Donna who makes these beautiful wrap leather bracelets. This one was extra special because it had the "pi" symbol but it symbolized the other kind of "pie" to commemorate my town win of the peach pie contest. Sadly I was unable to compete in the State competition due to scheduling on my end, but I'm looking forward to trying again next year. 


Now onto the weekend part of the eating tour! I went to a young adult shabbat dinner Friday night in Jersey City which was Nashville themed complete with beef ribs, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie. To end the week I spent some time with my good friend Anto at "our spot" which is in Montclair, NJ and called The Corner. Do yourself a favor a click on the link to look at the menu. It's an incredibly simple place but so so good, and it's the only place we go to eat when we hang out monthly. She works a really demanding job, so I am thankful to get to spend quality time when we can. Funny story- we met in spin class 2 years ago! See- I do workout! 


Last but not least...my third margarita of the week, but this time...frozen! Barbara and Rachel's mom Judy and I ate Mexican food in Montclair at Tinga Saturday night. I spent the weekend doing some housekeeping things like getting an oil change and cleaning my apartment, so I deserved every chip and sip. Sorry for the poor rotation, but if you tilt your head you can clearly see that I finally received my NY notary public license! I worked really hard to get it, and am thankful to be done with the process. 

Thank you all for coming along, and slowly this blog is turning into my food diary, but hey- I'm just going with it! 

Have a great week, and I will check in again next week. 

xoxo Molly


Week In Review | September 5 - September 10, 2017 | KC and Irma on my mind...

As we continue to watch Irma's path, I am thankful to report that my loved ones and friends did not endure any sustainable damage in the Tampa Bay area. Aside from some fallen trees and brush debris, everyone is safe. As of this morning, my brother Lucas who lives outside of Tampa has lost power, but he says it's typical of storms in that area. 

This weekend was a travel weekend for me, but thankfully I was heading away from the storm to the Midwest- Kansas! This was my first trip ever to MO and KS, and the first time in 4 years seeing my best friend Alex, whom I've known for 15 years. She has always been a sweet sweet person in my life, and a source of comfort and pure joy. This weekend was no exception as we celebrated her and her husband John's baby girl who is on the way and due in late December. 


Alex and John threw the most beautiful and extravagant baby shower on Alex's friend's farm in Smithville, MO. One of my favorite touches was the handmade doughnut wall. So trendy!

Another pleasure of the trip was spending time with Alex and John's family, and I also got a few cuddle sessions with their dog, aptly named "KC". 

It was a quick trip, but I couldn't have asked for better flights, and an amazing time with everyone present. I hope to visit again soon, and not 4 years from now! 

Week In Review | August 28- September 4, 2017 | "Do you like my boots??"

Last Monday feels like a month ago, and because of that, I don't have any photos to share from the beginning of the week, or anything noteworthy from that time to share for that matter!

It was a slow build up to a jam-packed weekend with my college friend Ryan. We always have a blast, and I most recently went to visit him in his town of Rhode Island. This time, he made the 5 hour drive to me which I was eternally grateful for because I really hate that drive haha. #honest


We did not let the grass grow under our feet. We saw two Broadway shows including Kinky Boots and War Paint. Kinky Boots was a ton of fun and I definitely recommend it. We had floor seats, front row. One of the drag queens came over during a scene and asked me "Do you like my boots?" for which I replied with a head nod and a smile. Hahaha. 

War Paint was an amazing show, with beautiful sets and costumes, but had a different energy and feel compared to Kinky Boots. Whatever suits you I suppose! 


We made a stop at the American Museum of Natural History and had afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup. Also not pictured, we ate dinner at Arriba Arriba and had dessert at The View rotating restaurant at the top of the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square.

We applauded ourselves for trying all new things this trip, at least for Ryan, which is a feat since we are both creatures of habit. Do you find yourself going to the same things all of the time on vacation just because you love them and know what to expect?


On our way to the car, the sky opened up and we were drenched from the rain. We couldn't help but laugh our heads off and kept saying "We are making memories here!". 

Not pictured was Labor Day, which turned out to be a chill day spent at a street fair with family, and ended with a spin class at 8:30pm- yes I am ridiculous! It felt good to get back on the bike after a few weeks of laziness. 

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend, and I look forward to sharing more next week. 

xoxo Molly

Week In Review | August 21 - August 27, 2017

Last week flew by in a flurry as Labor Day approaches this coming weekend. I have some festive plans, so I will be sure to chronicle them in my next week's review. For now, I have a few highlights from last week below to share. 

This was a week of medical issues and check-ups for me. I had a rough start to the week with some ear trouble on my right ear. I tried to fix it myself, but it made matters worse. I found myself at CityMD, my favorite walk-in clinic. Is it lame to have a favorite? Sue me!Pictured above is the discharge paperwork they give you upon leaving, with a sweet message.   I'm still under the impression that when you have to go see the doctor, you also get to indulge in a sweet treat, so I ended the week with a "Duster" sundae from our family's favorite spot,  Holstens , which was made famous by the Sopranos because they filmed the last scene in their restaurant.    

This was a week of medical issues and check-ups for me. I had a rough start to the week with some ear trouble on my right ear. I tried to fix it myself, but it made matters worse. I found myself at CityMD, my favorite walk-in clinic. Is it lame to have a favorite? Sue me!Pictured above is the discharge paperwork they give you upon leaving, with a sweet message. 

I'm still under the impression that when you have to go see the doctor, you also get to indulge in a sweet treat, so I ended the week with a "Duster" sundae from our family's favorite spot, Holstens, which was made famous by the Sopranos because they filmed the last scene in their restaurant. 



The highlight of the week was trying a new tapas restaurant, La Pulperia in New York City with a few friends. We sat at the only table outside, so it felt like we were the only people there, and we got to enjoy the city sounds and look up at the fairy lights. They had delicious food and sangria on happy hour which was also a highlight! 

I wanted to address what is going on in Houston by saying how devastating it looks from afar on the news, and how I can't even imagine what the families and individuals affected must be going through. I encourage us all to find a way to offer support to those in need at this crucial time. 

I hope everyone is safe and has the best possible week amid the tragedy, and I look forward to sharing with you all after the holiday weekend.

xoxo Molly

Week In Review | July 31 - August 6, 2017

Summer is winding down, and I'm starting to get the bug for boots and sweaters, but the 90% humidity won't let me act upon it. I thought I would share a few highlights from my week to celebrate the end of summer.


An out of town friend of my cousin Rachel and I, Kim (both pictured below) came to town for a few months, and luckily we were able to hang out several times before she left for SCAD. So proud of her! After dinner in the village one night with Rachel and Kim, we stumbled upon the cutest salt store, an were in major need of something sweet. They had the most interesting "ice cream sandwich salt bar" where we salted our own ice cream sandwich with interesting flavored salt. My favorite combo was chocolate and lemon. Definitely a must if you're in the West Village.

I am always in  awe of how the personalities of my cousin Barbara's dogs' shines through perfectly. Pictured above is Nigel (left), 4, and Elizabeth Taylor, 1. They have such contrasting demeanor, but are both such dolls. 


As mentioned, this was the week of seeing Kim (second from the left)! We had the pleasure of being on the same Birthright trip 2 years ago, and we try to get together with our trip attendees often. It usually doesn't happen because of conflicting schedules, but we were able to make it happen in Kim's honor. 


On a girls night in Jersey city, I went to two great places- Mathew's Food & Drink, and Milk Sugar Love. Pictured above is what I call delicious- vanilla waffle cone, lemon olive oil, and strawberry ice cream. YUM! And if you haven't heard enough about Kim- we saw her a third time for "family dinner" at cousin Barbara's house. She admitted to love her time in NJ, although she is a city girl now :) Best of both world's I say! 


Towards the end of the week I was able to get out for lunch with Rachel who works close by, and had her awkwardly take my photo (she protested) in Herald Square. 

On Sunday, I entered and won a local Peach Pie Contest! I really didn't plan to win, but am excited to go on to the State Competition in September. I will publish my recipe once the competition ends of course! 

I hope you all had a lovely week, and please share what your favorite summer treat is. This post was mostly about what I ate, but hey- a girl's gotta eat right?!

xoxo Molly

Why I didn't make a "fitness" New Year's resolution and why it's "okay"

Oh it's a new fresh year, so it's time to make our fitness goals of course. Did you know 80% of people who join a gym in January quit going or cancel their membership within the first 5 months?


I was having a conversation with someone over lunch and heard myself say out loud, "I don't make fitness goals because they mess with my psyche." Didn't know I felt that way- but okay Molly!

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{ 6 Things }

This month is off to a great start. The weather is starting to change, and become cooler, and pumpkin flavored everything is in full swing.

Here are 6 things from my past few weeks.

My strawberry sandals that I made. Inspired by these  here.  And my Target front zipper striped dress. 

My strawberry sandals that I made. Inspired by these here. And my Target front zipper striped dress. 

                                              I took an etiquette class to brush up on my table setting skills.

                                              I took an etiquette class to brush up on my table setting skills.

                      I reupholstered my mom's old Lane Cedar Chest. The old fabric needed a little refreshing. 

                      I reupholstered my mom's old Lane Cedar Chest. The old fabric needed a little refreshing. 

I chose matching fabric for my hexagonal dining table. I also placed florist cards that my dad sent my mom (with flowers) while they were dating. 

I chose matching fabric for my hexagonal dining table. I also placed florist cards that my dad sent my mom (with flowers) while they were dating. 

                                              My first Yankees game experience. 

                                              My first Yankees game experience. 

                              I made creamy tomato, orzo, chicken, soup. I used this  recipe.  

                              I made creamy tomato, orzo, chicken, soup. I used this recipe. 

Wedding Weekend

I had a long break from blogging but I am back. A lot has happened, and I've tried to keep up with posting FB photos of my weekends, and big events to make up for the fact that I haven't kept up with writing. We all get caught up in busy seasons, I'm no exception.

This past weekend, my college friends Hollie, and MJ came to visit me in New Jersey/ New York City. While they were here, we did some exploring, and most importantly, attended the wedding of one of our dear college friends, Amber. Fun fact, I was actually Amber's R.A during our sophomore year of college. 

Not only was it great to see a friend get married, but it was a much needed reunion for my friends and I. 

Here are a few shots from the weekend.

Prada Marfa

Not a surprise to anyone, but I was a huge Gossip Girl fan. Not only was I intrigued by the characters and their fabulous New York City lifestyles, but for the art and NYC scenery showcased in the show.

One of my favorite pieces of art in the fictitious home of Lilly Bass is the Prada Marfa canvas that hangs by their elevator entrance into their penthouse. 

Now that I have my own apartment, I wanted to hang one in my living room (of course). While doing research, I found that an exact size and shape replica of the piece costs about $300.00 before tax and shipping. OUCH. I decided that I could make one for less. 

I started by purchasing the stencils- made by someone else- off of www.Etsy.com.

Then I took a trip to Michael's craft store and stocked up on supplies including:

1- 30 x 40 canvas (If you want to do the original size from GG, it would be 36 x 48) 

1- Bottle of black canvas paint

1- Bottle of white canvas paint (not pictured)

Paint brushes of varying sizes


I then laid out the stencils on the canvas while it was still wrapped just to make sure that I liked the way they fit. 

I then started to trace the letters with a pencil.

And then painted my little heart out. FYI- if your lines are not super straight, you can use the white paint to fix them later ;) 

This was before I fixed my wonky "Marfa" letters and before I painted the numbers and arrow. I waited a few days to paint the numbers and arrow because I didn't want my elbows to rub them if I decided to go back to "Marfa" and fix it more. 


Happy crafting. 

xx Molly

Celebrating Real Housewives of NJ Style

If anyone is a fan of the show, you remember the 2009 season finale where Teresa hosts a dinner party at the now famous, and independently wonderful, Lu Nello in Cedar Grove, NJ. 

I recently went aside from the fact that it was one of the show's cast's hot spots, and found out why this Italian restaurant is on the top of their list. Not only is the food delicious, but the prices are reasonable and the wait staff are all Italian and know their food well. I was immediately impressed, and overwhelmed when our waiter recited the 32 item "specials" menu. 

We were celebrating my cousin Barbara's birthday, which was a success. 

My "Corner of the Sky"

So this title made no sense if you are not a Broadway music fan, but alas. 

This month was extremely exciting for me. I have not posted in a while because I was busy sealing the deal on my very first apartment! I decided that in this stage of my life, and with my busy work schedule, it was important for me to live alone, to have my own quiet time at the end of the day. 

Please note that my photos are only a week old, and I haven't even slept at my new place yet, so some things you will see are temporary until I can replace, clean, or move them around. I will post again once everything is put away and decorated!

I've taken the liberty of drafting a Q & A section for your reading pleasure:


Q. Where is your apartment?

A. It is in Belleville, NJ which is 1 block from Nutley, and 3 minutes from my family's home where I am staying currently. I decided to continue commuting daily to work from NJ because in NJ you get a bigger bang for your buck. 

Q. Can you afford to live on your own? You are only 23 and have your very first job...

A. Why thank you for being so concerned, and yes, living alone is expensive, and having a roommate could alleviate some of the financial pressure of grown-up bills. I thought long and hard and crunched the numbers until they bled. I decided that although it would be easier on my wallet to have a roommate, that for now at least, I can handle the expense.

Q. What does your rent include?

A. My rent includes water only. I pay all utilities including heat/gas, and electricity. 

Q. Is your apartment in a building or what? What is the neighborhood like?

A. My apartment is a 2 bedroom and located on the 2nd floor of a two-family home (with it's own entrance). Multi-family homes in the Northeast are actually really popular. The family who owns the home lives below me, and they are a cute Italian couple straight from Italy! Can you say homemade pasta?! The house is on a quiet suburban street, and very close to shopping, schools, and parks. 

{ 6 Things }

This past week was different than usual, but a great kind of different. I had the opportunity to travel to FL to visit family and friends and attend the wedding of a dear friend. Here are a few unseen moments from this past week.


                                   { Reunion with my favorite brother Lucas }

                                   { Reunion with my favorite brother Lucas }

                      { My first Birchbox gift box from BF Hank Taylor for our 1 year anniversary }

                      { My first Birchbox gift box from BF Hank Taylor for our 1 year anniversary }

                                    { Belated birthday gift from my new Texan Brianna Thiede }

                                    { Belated birthday gift from my new Texan Brianna Thiede }

                                                                             { I'm official }

                                                                             { I'm official }

{ Flowers and traditional Boston Creme doughnut to celebrate my mom's heaven birthday } 

{ Flowers and traditional Boston Creme doughnut to celebrate my mom's heaven birthday } 

{ Hank's first experience with "chick food" at the "Butterfly Bistro." When in Rome, have salad & Pink Lemonade! } 

{ Hank's first experience with "chick food" at the "Butterfly Bistro." When in Rome, have salad & Pink Lemonade! }