Rick Springfield explains who is 'Jessie's Girl?'

NEW YORK –  When the first chord of the iconic love song “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield is played, fans immediately get excited and ready to jam -- a feeling that Springfield only dreamed about until his smash hit was performed live. The question on all of our minds is “Who is Jessie’s Girl?” Springfield shared the unrequited love story that inspired the song that the whole world has fallen in love with.

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'Duck Dynasty' recap: Uncle Si has a near-death experience

On Wednesday night's episode of “Duck Dynasty,” titled “The Ducket List,” Uncle Si is horrified to discover the spot where he always sits has been crushed by a fallen tree.  

“That tree fell right where I sit. Boys, I was almost a goner,” Si tells his crew.

He later reflects, “These boys don’t understand, when I [saw] that crushed duck blind, I saw my whole life flash before my very eyes.”

Si explains that the fallen tree got him thinking about his death and he is inspired to draft a bucket list.

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